Utilities Generation Projects

Water Project

The scope of this project was to reduce the water that was being dumped into the evaporation pond. The reason for this was the power plant was a zero discharge facility. With this requirement their ponds were filling up to a level that was not sustainable. This required APE to perform a study to see the best way to solve the problem. The solution ended up being the installation of a cooling tower, attached to it was a heat exchanger intergrated to the system as well as upgrading their system water treatment facility. The main equipment that was added was 3 MCC line ups, multiple transformer, 2 power distribution buildings, and the controls for the waste water facility. For this project APE was the lead of the scoping, design, IFC, and construction support, system descriptions, O&M, alarm responses, start up procedures, LOTO packages.

CEMS upgrade

The scope of the project was to upgrade the CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring System) for a client. This was due to the outdated hardware. The project was to be a turnkey solution. Since all the hardware was to upgraded this required new fiber to be installed, transformer to support the larger required equipment, all the power cables and control cables back to the source. To get to the source required asbuilting and required discovery work inside manholes to identify the open and available conduits that can be used to get from point A to B.

Repower Project

The scope of this project was to provide a solution to the client in rerouting all the power that was feed through expiring generation units. This required a lot of field work by APE to identify and asbuilt drawings that were drawn in the 1940s. The project consisted of multiple MV feeds including the reroute and power for 2 small GT units. APE would be responsible for building the specification package and bid package for all the long lead items such as a new building that housed a ARC rated MV switchgear that fed multiple MV loads. A bid package for 3 large mineral filled transformers and 3000A disconnect switches for the rerouting and isolation of the GT units. For this project APE was the lead of the scoping, design, IFC, and construction support, system descriptions, O&M, alarm responses, start up procedures, LOTO packages.

Substation Projects

Station 46 kV Relay Upgrade

Station 46 kV Relay Upgrade APE was responsible for creating all of the Protective Relay and Control Panel Layouts, AC & DC Electrical Schematics, Wiring Diagrams, Device BOM, Cable and Conduit Schedules, and performing all associated engineering calculations required to create an Electrical Construction Package per the utilities standards for new Relay Panels to be installed in a new Modular Control Shelter.

This new Control Shelter housed the new Protection Relay and Controls for the utilities new 46 kV GIS Switchgear that was installed by neighboring substation as part of the 46 kV Interconnect Project. The equipment in the substation consisted of two (2) 46 kV GIS breakers.

New SEL relays were used to provide the required protection on the 46 kV bus and incoming lines. APE worked closely with the client's Protection, Automation, and Communication engineers to create a complete and detailed construction package per their standards.

This construction package was then delivered directly to the clients Relay & Communication Technicians. This project required weekly site visits to record progress and provide field engineering support as needed. Prior to commissioning, APE developed a step-by-step Checkout Procedures that were delivered to all involved personnel. This allowed time for review and feedback. During commissioning, this Checkout Procedure was closely followed by and the clients Substation, Relay, Automation, Communication, and System personnel to ensure all new equipment could be thoroughly tested put into service without any unintentional trips or unplanned outages.

138kV Breaker Replacement Design

This project consisted of the design, procurement, construction, installation, testing, and commissioning of 138kV Two (2) Breaker Ring Bus configured Substation that included:

  • Two (2) 138 / 12.47kV, 15/20/25MVA Power Transformers

  • Two (2) 138kV, 4000A, 63kA Gas Circuit Breakers

  • Two (2) 138kV 4000A Circuit Switchers

  • Two (2) 138kV Dead End Towers

  • Six (6) 138kV CCVTs

  • Ten (10) 138kV Disconnect Switches

  • Twelve (12) 138kV Surge Arresters

  • One (1) Control Building for P&C Equipment

  • One (1) Lineup 12.47kV SWGR with:

    • Two (2) Mains

    • One (1) Tie

    • Two (2) Feeders

  • Protection and Control Equipment

  • Met clients 138kV Substation Design Criteria

230kV Substation Transmission Circuit Breaker Replacement Project

Highlights of this project include:

  • Replace 230kV Circuit Breakers with new Circuit Breakers

  • Replace and adjust jumpers and connectors

  • Foundation anchor bolts modifications

  • Protection and Control circuit modifications including AC schematic, DC schematic, Wiring, and Arrangement, Circuit Schedule and Conduit Schedule Diagrams

  • Electrical Substation layout drawings modifications

115kV/12.47kV Substation Scheme Modification Project

Highlights of this project include:

  • Modify Bus Differential, Transformer Differential panel wiring to accommodate new reclosing module in accordance with Double Bus Outage Modifications(DBOM)

  • Install a new Relay Rack with new reclosing module for DBOM

  • Add new Load Management System, Potential Junction Box to supply 3 phase potentials to each SEL-751A on the new Relay Rack

  • Replace Transducers in the Transformer Differential panel with one each Shark 200 meter

  • Add Master Auto Restoration (AR) Switch to Bus Differential panel

  • Add Fault Bus Current Transformer (FBCT) to each Neutral Reactor/Low Voltage Surge Arresters

  • Replace existing Neutral Reactor ground cable with new cable

  • Remove existing Bus PT's and associated Switches and Junction Box

  • Install Conduits

  • Add Supervisory Control and Indication to the SCC Database Point Assignment

  • Complete communication design between new relays and existing RTU/SCADA

Commercial and Industrial projects

  • Dotty's -Multiple locations

  • North Perimete Hospital - Scottsdale Arizona

  • VIP Surgical Center- Las Vegas Nevada

  • Popeye's chicken& biscuit-Multiple locations

  • Social Security Administration Office- Henderson Nevada

  • Massage Envey- Multiple locations

  • Denny's Restaurant- Multiple locations

  • Honeywell- Las Vegas Nevada

  • Party Superstore-Multiple locations

  • Convexx communication Data Center

  • Love Store-Multiple locations

  • Aces Dental - Multiple locations

  • Wigwam Hospital- Las Vegas Nevada

  • Multiple Commercial and Industrial Solar project ranging from 12KW to 2 MW