Relay Technician

Regularly and customarily inspects, tests, adjusts, calibrates, repairs and installs all types of system protection and control equipment. Also performs the work required for the installation, maintenance, repair, and adjustment of automatic controls and equipment protection devices concerned with the operation of generating equipment as it affects the system, power transformers, transmission systems, distribution systems, and customer facilities. Is responsible for certification of all related wiring, operational checks, and taking and evaluating in service test data.

Must be a journeyman electrician, have formal training in mathematics progressing through trigonometry and be knowledgeable in electrical and electronic theory, including but not limited to microprocessors, polyphase circuits and diagrams; upon occasion or in an emergency, may be required to perform such other duties as assigned.

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System Protection Engineer I- IV

The System Protection Engineer is responsible for protection engineering design and analysis, NERC Protective Relay & Control (PRC) reliability standard work and protection system performance content. This position is responsible for the specification, selection, and application of protective relaying equipment, device settings determination, and the development of protection/control philosophy.

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Substation Design Engineer I- IV

This position is responsible for design of one-line/three-line diagrams, elementary and wiring diagrams, schematics, SCADA, communications, conduit and cable sizing/routing, selection of substation equipment, writing of substation equipment specifications, proposal development, construction cost estimates, and project scheduling.

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